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RV's and Leggies

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Getting to grips with Legend parlance.

In keeping with the jovial and fun loving characteristics of Legend Owners, a couple of elements of LOA lexicon are the terms 'Leggies' and 'Rendezvous'.

Without really knowing the origins, the term 'Leggies' has emerged as the collective word for Legend owners. It really is a term of endearment and can be used freely amongst the Association - as in 'Leggies had a thumping good time at the Laying Up Supper'.

'Rendezvous' (RV) is our term for a Rally. It appears to have come to the UK from the USA with the Yachts, since our American counterparts also use the Rendezvous term. Whilst all rallies are Rendezvous', since 1997 it has become a tradition for the Commodore to host 'The LOA Rendezvous' - open to all, a big weekend gathering in a location convenient to the regular moorings of the majority of Legends (currently, the South Coast). Family fun and games, a fun race and a charity fund raising dinner have all become regular features.

Venues have included East Cowes, West Cowes, Hamble, Gosport and Southampton, with the evening meals hosted by local Sailing Clubs.

The LOA Rendezvous has taken place in every year since 1997, with the exception of 2020, plans were overtaken by a global pandemic - Covid 19.

The East Coast also hosts many RV's with one usually identified as the equivalent LOA Rendezvous.

Naturally, all events are open to all members regardless of berth location and it's not unusual for Leggies to go cruising outside their normal grounds and to join in with events being held in other regions.

Last updated 09:18 on 18 July 2023

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